Stand equipment

Stand system Octanorm
Carpet Rips
Walls white, height 250cm
2 Towers, height 400cm
1 Cabin lockable, 1 sqm
1 Wardrobe
1 Infocounter lockable, height 100cm
1 Barstool
1 Table 70x70cm
4 Chairs
2 Graphic panels, 95x143cm, without graphic
7 Spotlights, halogen, á 150W
2 Spotlights on arm, halogen, á 150W
1 Waste-paper basket

The Complete Rental stand BRAD in this form is fully functional and can be supplemented and expanded. Adaptable to your booth size and shape as you will get a detailed drawing for fine tuning.


What is the sum of 5 and 9?

Download Info

Here you will find all information on the stand and to prevent the possibility for certain modules.

application/pdf 05 Form BRAD-row stand Friedrichshafen.pdf (728.5 KiB)

application/pdf 05 Form BRAD-corner stand Munich.pdf (737.7 KiB)

application/pdf 05 Form BRAD-row stand Munich.pdf (736.1 KiB)

application/pdf Additional equipment furniture.pdf (1.1 MiB)

application/pdf Additional equipment lighting.pdf (352.1 KiB)

application/pdf Additional equipment walls.pdf (944.2 KiB)

Just send us the completed PDF form by fax, mail, email or via the upload form provided here.