The equipment in the exhibition stand construction includes a variety of elements, all of which contribute to the fact that the exhibition stand is optimally designed and presented.


The furniture of a trade show booth is an important factor for the success of the trade show appearance. The furniture must be functional, comfortable and appealing while supporting the appearance of the booth.

Various options are available here, such as tables, chairs, counters, bar stools, display cases or lounge furniture. The furniture should match the company and the products and create a unified overall look.

For example, seating furniture can be ordered in the corporate color or softened by cushions and blankets. The number of pieces of furniture should also be adapted to the needs in order to ensure optimal use of space.

Lounge furniture can help visitors to the trade show booth feel comfortable and stay longer.

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The floor covering is a central element in trade fair construction and has a great influence on the effect of the entire trade fair stand. The flooring must not only be visually appealing, but also functional and durable.

There are several options available when choosing the flooring, such as carpet rep, carpet velour, PVC or laminate. Carpet reps are especially popular because they give a warm and cozy impression and can also dampen sound.

PVC and laminate, on the other hand, are easier to clean and more durable, making them particularly well-suited for trade show booths with a lot of foot traffic or for use with heavy equipment. The choice of colors and the design of the floor covering should be coordinated with the company and the products in order to create a uniform overall image of the trade fair stand.

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Lighting on a trade show booth can help the booth stand out and look appealing. Targeted and well-placed lighting can also help the products and booth stand out more.

There are a number of options available here, including spotlights, LED stage lights, HQI spotlights and long-arm spotlights. Spotlights are especially good for targeting specific products or areas to make them stand out.

Well-placed lighting can also help show off products and the booth.

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Walls and accessories

The walls and accessories on a trade show booth can help make the booth visually appealing and inviting. There are many different options here, such as printed or covered walls, banners, lettering or shelving systems.

The walls can also be used to present information about the company or products. Here, it is important that the design of the walls and accessories is in line with the company and the products. Care should also be taken to ensure that the walls do not appear too cluttered and that enough space is left for good circulation around the stand.

A well-chosen wall and accessory design can help make the booth look more appealing and give booth visitors a better overview of the company and products.

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The graphic design on a trade show booth can help the booth stand out and attract the attention of booth visitors. There are many different options here, such as the design of logos, lettering, images or even the layout of brochures and flyers.

A well-chosen graphics option can help ensure that the booth is uniform and appealing, giving the company a professional appearance. Also, care should be taken to ensure that the graphics on the booth are easy to read and understand to give visitors a quick overview of the company and its products.

A well-chosen graphic option can help make the booth more appealing and memorable, providing a positive experience for booth visitors.

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