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Sustainability in everyday work

Office & Warehouse

Our office and warehouse are designed for sustainability from the ground up. Due to the central location of our facility, we avoid the need for additional emissions from transporting materials and goods to external warehouses.

Back in 2015, we decided to comprehensively modernize our lighting and completely converted our office and warehouse to energy-efficient LED technology. This measure helps reduce our energy consumption and mitigates our environmental impact.

In addition to using energy-saving technologies, we also attach great importance to the use of environmentally friendly solutions in our day-to-day business. For example, we deliberately avoid air conditioning and instead rely on effective solar shading systems to cool our buildings naturally.

Another example of our commitment is our paper reduction strategy. We understand the importance of paper reduction for the environment and therefore try to avoid paper as much as possible. Instead, we file all necessary documents digitally in our database to avoid paper waste and make our processes more efficient.

Overall, our sustainability measures demonstrate our conscious commitment to an environmentally friendly future. We are proud to send a strong signal for sustainability and environmental awareness.

Reusable stand elements

Trade fair construction

As a company in the trade fair construction business, we place particular emphasis on sustainability and resource conservation. Our modular system allows us to reuse elements and thus save resources.

Since the beginning of our business, we have worked closely with our supplier Octanorm, which offers a wide range of trade fair construction products that are up to 90% recyclable. By using these products, we support a sustainable economy and minimize our environmental impact.

Another example of our sustainable focus is our wall panels. These are also recyclable and help reduce waste.

Our goal is to create an event environment that is both functional and sustainable. Overall, we pursue a holistic strategy in our projects that takes both economic and ecological aspects into account. We are convinced that sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand and are happy to contribute to a green future.

Repair & Reusability


As a company, we place particular emphasis on sustainability and resource conservation in our rental furniture. To achieve this, we rely on a selection of furniture that is designed to be reusable. Not only is this cost effective as it is cheaper than buying new furniture, but it also saves on storage costs.

We recognize that sustainability is an important factor in today's society and strive to live up to our responsibilities in every way possible. By using reusable furniture, we contribute to the reduction of waste and the conservation of natural resources.

In addition, we also offer recycling and repair services to extend the life of our furniture and maximize its value. In this way, we can ensure that we minimize our environmental impact while offering durable furniture to our customers.

Efficient transport & regional partners

Logistics & Assembly

We are aware that sustainable logistics and assembly are an important part of a successful trade show. To make our contribution to an environmentally friendly future, we rely on efficient transport solutions and cooperation with regional partners.

Our goal is to keep transport routes as short as possible and to make optimal use of transport volumes in order to avoid unnecessary journeys. Our modern fleet of vehicles complies with the Euro 6 standard and supports us in delivering your exhibition stand to the venue in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

In addition, we rely on local assembly teams to take care of the construction and dismantling of the exhibition stand. This allows us not only to minimize travel, but also to reduce the costs and CO₂ emissions incurred.

We take care to consider and promote sustainability in all areas of our work.

Transport boxes from the in-house carpenter's workshop


We attach great importance to sustainability in our packaging and have therefore decided to dispense with traditional plastic and wrapping films.

Since the beginning, we have relied on robust and versatile transport boxes, which we developed in our own carpentry shop.

These allow us to efficiently handle the transportation of our products and are also a more sustainable alternative. The use of these reusable boxes helps to avoid waste and save costs at the same time.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Graphic service

As a graphics solutions provider, we pursue a clear philosophy: sustainability. For us, this means actively helping to protect our environment. At the same time, we offer our customers effective and economical solutions.

We enable our customers to reuse their graphics and use them at multiple trade shows. This allows them to make the best use of their resources and avoid waste. Our printing process is focused on sustainability: We use our own printers with water-based inks, which are kinder to the environment and release fewer chemicals.

We also strive to use renewable raw materials as much as possible to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible.

The banners we use in tenter frames or on welting rails at our system stands bear the renowned "STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX" textile seal. This certification guarantees that the products are free of legally prohibited harmful substances and chemicals that are harmful to health, such as pesticides.

With our sustainable graphic solutions, we actively contribute to creating a green future. We are convinced that sustainable action is beneficial for all parties involved and are pleased to be able to contribute to the protection of our environment in this way.

Recycling mit System


We have implemented a systematic recycling and recovery program aimed at minimizing and disposing of waste. In doing so, we ensure
that waste is properly separated and recycled in order to contribute to resource conservation in this area as well.

We work closely with certified waste management companies to ensure that all waste is disposed of in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

In addition, we use environmentally friendly materials and technologies to minimize waste in the production of trade show construction systems and solutions.

»We use reusable and sustainable materials wherever possible.«

Daniel Degenfelder
mlg management